J. K. Rathi & Co., Company Secretaries


Advisory on Capital Raising, Investment Compliances & FEMA Compliances

J.K. RATHI & CO. provides clients with all necessary assistance as required under present legal.

J.K. RATHI & CO. provides clients with all necessary assistance as required under present legal framework, in advising and arranging domestic and international capital requirements, which includes the following:

1. Assistance in arriving at the capital structure – proper mix of equity and debt.

2. Identifying the appropriate capital sources including the following:

  • Capital raising from seed to growth.
  • Equity raising through Initial Public Offer, Private Equity etc.
  • Issuing Corporate Bonds.
  • Overseas funding in the form of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB), External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) and Global Depositary Receipts etc.

3. Assistance in the preparation of Business Plan and Information Memorandum.

4. Advising on the appropriate time for raising funds and all the relevant strategic and regulatory issues concerned with fund raising.

5. Connecting and coordinating with various intermediaries such as Merchant Bankers, Credit Rating Agencies, Bankers, Legal Counsel, Accountants Etc.

6. Listing related compliances.

7. Drafting the necessary documents relating to capital raising.


Number of our clients are either wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign body corporate or having investments from fund houses located in Mauritius, Singapore, USA, other countries in the world. We possess expert knowledge on FEMA compliance including:

  • Advance Reporting (in ARF) with RBI on receipt of investment by Indian Company
  • Filing of FCGPR or Single Master Form (SMF) with RBI
  • Filing of FCTRS on transfer of shares involving non residents
  • Compliances relating to Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)
  • Filing of Annual Return of Assets and Liabilities
  • Handling Compounding applications with RBI
  • Handling Compliances with respect to External Commercial Borrowings Direct Investment


We have handled number of investment related activities be it from Angel Investors, early-stage venture capital investors, Series A round investors, Private Equity Investors and others. Our expertise would surely help corporates to ensure:

  • Highest level of corporate law compliance in the organization
  • Minimum “CPs”(Condition Precedents) while entering into shareholding agreements with investors
  • Prompt closure of CPs and CAs (closing activities) to the satisfaction of the investors/stake holders
  • Handling the closing activities on remittance of funds
  • FEMA compliances in case of FDI
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